Our Story.

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"No Judgement, Just Jesus!"

Founding Pastor Bryan Gerstel along with a dedicated team of partners from Porterfield Memorial and Albany First UMC obeyed God's call to start a new congregation in Lee County, Georgia. Originally called South Lee County Methodist Church, it officially launched on March 5, South Lee County Methodist Church, endeared as The Church at the Zoo, was contemporary in its worship style: Christian music blended with various genres, casual dress such as the purple t-shirt that read "These are my church clothes!", and even Krispy Kreme refreshments. It sought to "do" church differently yet still with serious faith by unifying community and reaching the "unchurched" and "de-churched". 2006.
With the mission of pointing people toward hope in God, the name became The Pointe in January 2007. In 2012, Pastor Carl Barnhardt would become lead pastor. With a growing ministry, there was a need for more space. Property on Cedric Street, formerly the Seventh Day Adventist School, was purchased and in 2015 the church undertook major renovations to becoming what exists today.

Pastor Carl retired June 2022. The Pointe would separate from the United Methodist Church in July 2022. Pastor Christopher James Carter would lead as new pastor August 2022 continually evolving The Church at the Zoo.

Meet the team.

Sam Hall

Senior Pastor

Tabitha Nelms

Worship & Arts Director

Amanda Lamb

Student Ministry Director

Emily Hall

Church Administrator